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Image by Fallon Michael


"Living & creating from a place of Freedom"



Shop original paintings and prints to bring some color and joy to the walls of your space!


Welcome! I am Elizabeth Lalama, a contemporary artist. Nature is almost always the source of inspiration behind my paintings. I love to capture it's beauty through vibrant color and loose strokes to create playful movement throughout a piece. Although I frequently paint with acrylic and oils, watercolor has become a recent favorite of mine. I enjoy discovering the unexpected surprises that happen with watercolor on paper!

I discovered in my painting journey, that when I let go of what I think the end product should look like and enjoy the process, that true freedom flows from my paintbrush.  It's from this place of creating that I can let go of expectations and express whatever's on my heart to paint. 

It brings me joy to share my paintings and see them hanging in people's homes and businesses. Enjoy!

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