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There is something restorative about slowing down, being in the moment and allowing the creative process to take you on a journey. I have a passion to see people come around the table and engage in simple art prompts that allow the stress of the day to fall away. Check out the classes below and contact if you'd like to sign up!


Unlock your childlike heart in the creative process. You will learn to intuitively paint and go with the flow to create your own unique piece. All art supplies will be provided. The cost is $45 for adults with a minimum of 6 people.

Image by Kseniya Lapteva


You will learn basic watercolor techniques to create a fun watercolor painting.Your choice of a nature theme or abstract class. The cost is $40 for adults with a minimum of 6 people.



Art Ministry sessions are available for individuals, small groups or retreats. The creative process is a great tool to help us reflect and connect to God. Sessions topics will differ depending upon the person or group. Contact below to discuss more details.

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