Creative Art Classes

These sessions are not your typical sip and paint classes! The focus is not so much about the end product but rather what you learn from the process. 

Image by Geordanna Cordero
Image by Andy Art
Image by Tim Arterbury

Abstract Exploration

This paint class is about unlocking your imagination and childlike heart in the creative process. Often times, fear of taking the first step or making a mistake can hold us back from moving forward. This class will help you to breakthrough those limitations and free you up to explore and have fun in the creative process.

Creating Vision 

Do you have trouble dreaming or figuring out what your passionate about? Or maybe you know what you want to do, but you're having trouble getting the wheels in motion? This class will teach you strategies to overcoming those obstacles while creating a visual collage.

Creative Ministry Sessions

Creative art sessions are designed to help people connect with the heart of God through the creative arts. The purpose is to realign and reinforce God’s truth and His love towards them through the creative process.  

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